5 Reasons Why It’s Challenging to Use a Crossbow

crossbow huntingIf you want to try another kind of “shooting” and you don’t really have any experience yet, you might want to consider getting a crossbow. These babies are so easy to hunt with when it comes to the shooting aspect. However, most people think that just by buying a crossbow, you’ll be able to hunt as soon as possible without any experience. This is not true because there are many challenging aspects of hunting and shooting that a person needs to perfect before he can hunt. Although using a crossbow will make it easier for you to shoot your target, there are many reasons why it’s even more challenging to use than a vertical bow. Here are some of the reasons.

Crossbows are very heavy

Even the lightest crossbow can weight twice as heavy as vertical bows. They are also hard to carry when you are in the field. These bows are also very wide and it makes it harder to go through a thick terrain and does not allow stealth movements. It’s also a lot harder to run while holding a crossbow.

Tuning a Crossbow

There is no way this can be done because of the lack of arrow rest to move in and out. Another part that’s missing is the nock point that enables you to adjust it up and down. There aren’t as many options in tuning crossbows compared to vertical bows. You can only shoot the way the manufacturer instructs you to. Because of this, most crossbow hunters do not mind their arrow weight too much.

They are loud

There are no quiet crossbows in the market because all of them are very loud. Some can be quieter than others but even those are also louder than vertical bows. This can cause your target to move away or even be surprised and run before you hit it.

There is no chance for a second shot

The challenge lies in cocking your bow. Even if you are strong enough to cock your bow by your hand, it will still take time and your target might have already moved. Some crossbows also require a cocking aid to get another bow loaded to it. The trick is to never miss your target and that is virtually impossible.

They are not socially accepted

As cool as they might look, they are just not socially accepted compared to vertical bows. This fact is slowly changing; it’s still not enough because although hunting with crossbows is allowed in some states, it’s still not accepted when it comes to the hunting circles that mostly use vertical bows. These people usually look down on crossbow users. There is a stigma attached to using crossbows that they are only for people who are handicapped, women or children. This is probably because the rules that apply to vertical bows are not the same with crossbows and as stated earlier, it is easier to shoot with and cannot be tuned. However, most people are opening their eyes to using crossbows to hunt.

When buying a crossbow, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want and need. Reading on reviews will help a lot and knowing the top brands like TenPoint and Barnett can help you get started.

Messenger Bag Accessories and Sizes

A messenger bag is a versatile bag that any photographer can carry around very easily. It has the space to carry a lot of equipment and can be accessorized for more places to put stuff in. There are plenty of messenger bag accessories that can make it look even better while giving you the functionality that you are looking for.

The main strap of the messenger bag can be equipped with pouches that can hold your Ipod, tablets, mobile phone and other items that you need quick access to. You can also buy accessories that can hold small items like pens, flashlights and other small materials that you may need on a trip.

For additional pockets and compartment, the brand Ortlieb is the one that you need to look for. They have a variety of items like Messenger Bag Organizer, Document Compartment, Waist strap pocket and other small accessories and pouches for small things. Their items are customized to fit their messenger bags and are sure to snap into place when you decided to add them on.

Messenger bags are also great to carry around all types of your mobile gadgets. There are accessories like notebook inserts and laptop sleeves that are available in different sizes so you can securely store your laptop inside your messenger bag securely.

These accessories of course need a bag to hook on to to be useful. If you aren’t sure what type of bag you want and what size you need. Here are some useful tips.

Mini Me Bag

This is a very simple bag that is designed to hold medium to small sized notebooks or laptops. They also come with a few organization pockets to hole other items. The most basic bag that you can use is the Timbuk2 Catapult Messenger Bag.

It is a minimalist bag that provides enough room for your essentials and gadgets that you use everyday. Another small bag is the Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag—it’ so small that you can hide it in your pocket until the time you need it. However, if you need a messenger bag with all the important pockets, and detail, you can go for the Chrome Classic Bike Messenger Bag that has a roll top closure option and internal zip pockets.

Medium Messenger Bags

This size is the most popular type of messenger bags with many pockets to organize and plenty of accessories to choose from. The Chrome Vega Shoulder Sling Day Bag and the Chrome Some Shoulder Sling Laptop Pack come with a laptop pocket as well as lots of space and pockets. This Messenger comes with an excellent shoulder strap bucker to fit your trend.

Maximum Size Messenger Bags

This can store plenty of stuff and is great for people who like to bring many types of itesm with them. The Chrome Berlin Pro Bike Messenger Bag is the best there is when it comes to organization pockets and a maximum capacity of 3200 cu in. Carry anything and everything that you need in one go. Read more messenger bag reviews!

3 Best Gun Safe with Biometric and Electronic Locks

Just like any important and expensive equipment used for photography, guns also need a case where you can put them to be safe. The best kind of gun safe comes with a biometric reader for easy access. If there’s an emergency, this will save you a lot of time to access your gun. Although some people do not really think it’s an important feature, it is still an exciting added feature but it comes with a price.

It’s also very important to know where you want to put your gun safe. Most people bolt them to their wall while some put them in a hidden in a drawer for safety. This will all depend on the size of your gun safe which is another important thing to consider. You need to know how many guns you are going to buy in order to determine the size of gun safe that you need to buy. There are factors before buying a gun safe. Another important factor is the price so think of a budget that you need for your gun safe.

If you already know everything about the kind of gun safe that you need along with its specifications, here are the top overall biometric gun safes to help you with your decision.

Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

People who prefer high quality gun safes will love this product. It is a small safe for storing your handguns and it has 2 levels inside. It also features a safe biometric lock and is fireproof for your gun and document’s safety.

This is a very secure safe for your guns because it can handle over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes during fires. It is able to store approximately 36 guns and the shelves that come with can be organized to your liking. It features an electronic lock and one year warranty.This is another biometric gun safe that will not let you down. It is very stylish and elegant looking and it is one of the highest rated gun safes today. The fingerprint pad is able to store a maximum of 30 fingerprints to recognize and give access to. It also comes in a very affordable price of under $200.

Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

This a very affordable gun safe that will keep your guns safe and secure at all times. The size can fit 2 guns and other valuable documents. It features an electronic lock and is made of steel material. Because of its size, this gun will fit in your drawer perfectly.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

If you need a bigger gun safe to store your rifles in, this is the one for you. This gun safe has been customized and designed to store and secure rifle type guns. It features a biometric lock as well as backup keys and comes in a very affordable price for a big safe. This beautiful gun safe comes in less than $300 and is sure to keep you worry free about your rifles and personal belongings.

The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Just like in photography, you need to have the proper equipment to be able to optimize your walking exercise. However, there are conditions like plantar fasciitis that needs special type of shoes to help prevent pain. A person suffering from this condition may have swollen feet because of the pressure that is applied on the heel bone. The best kind of shoes for people with this kind of condition is the shoes with the perfect feet or customized shoes. For people with extreme conditions of plantar fasciitis, they are advised to wear orthopedic shoes first to correct the problem. They need to wear it for a period of time until the bone condition is corrected and then they can wear normal shoes like those sold in department stores.

Research says that people’s feet at not always the same size, one foot will always be slightly bigger compared to the other. This is why we are advised to use the bigger foot when trying out shoes. However, if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, what should you be looking for in shoes?

The main priority should be the support and cushioning that the shoe provides. You need to get the best cushioning and support at the front and bottom of your foot and the heel. If you feel any pressure in any part of your foot, this is not the shoes that you should buy.

Many shoes are suggested for people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis but the most reliable one is the New Balance MW577 walking shoes. It features a cushiony sole that are perfect for any type of foot condition. The shoe’s toe box is designed to give the wearer superb comfort especially for people who like to go on long walks. These shoes are top rated in most online websites today and are constantly being given awards and 5 star ratings.

If you need dress shoes for a special event and you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you need to find dress shoes with insoles. The insoles will relieve you from the pain that you feel because of your condition. They also have a lot of advantages that help support your foot arch at all times. Insoles are very good addition to top quality shoes for more comfort and cushioning. Remember that if you do not address your foot condition, it may worsen overtime and the pain you feel may be exaggerated. You can still run with Plantar Fasciitis.

The Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

If you lead a very busy life with a tight schedule, it may involve a lot of walking time around the city. If you want added comfort to your shoes, try the Graphite Arch Sorbothane insole and see if it helps soothe your foot pain from walking too much. This insole is designed to support your feet from overpronation and improve your foot’s stability. Sorbothane is the best material for absorbing impacts in the body, therefore working as a shock absorber for your foot. This is a good addition to your everyday shoes if you have plantar fasciitis.

GM Diet vs. South Beach Diet

In the U.K., people are believed to shell out billions of dollars every year on diet pills, books and programs. People who work in the photography scene will understand this, especially with models wanting to look thinner for the camera. People are obsessed with losing weight in an easier and quicker way. This is the reason why many kinds of diet programs have been developed throughout the years, one example is the South Beach diet.

In this article, we will compare the GM diet and the South Beach diet to know the difference between the two leading weight loss programs. To better understand the South Beach diet, it consists of three phases which are:

• Induction
• Reintroduction of carbohydrates
• Maintenance

Induction Phase

This phase will restrict you from eating too much carbohydrate to prevent you from the excess carbs induced hunger. In this phase, carbohydrates are divided into two groups being the good and the bad based on their glycemic value. Carbs with low glycemic value like legumes, oats and sprouts that slowly releases energy is allowed in small amounts. You will only be allowed one serving that will satisfy your hunger. You will continue this amount of serving for two weeks until you stomach gets used to it. Carbohydrates with high glycemic value like sugar, flour and sweet fruits and vegetables must be avoided. The person is also advised to abstain from alcoholic beverages and only canola oil is advised for cooking. The protein intake in this phase will only consist of meat and fish.

Carbohydrate Phase

The second phase of the South Beach diet is all about gradually reintroducing certain types of carbohydrate into the diet like corn and pasta. These can be eaten in small amounts if you wants to eat them all the time. By now, you should get used to eating smaller portions and heating healthy.


The main benefit of the South Beach diet is that it emphasizes the portion size more than counting the calories involved in a meal. It also does not neglect any of the food groups so it won’t take a toll on your nourishment. No drastic changes are applied in the diet as well and it only offers a gradual shift from your usual meals making it easy to maintain.

GM Diet

The GM diet consists of a 7 day plan where you will eat specific types of food. It generally plans your meals in the span of one week along with its special soup that you can eat in unlimited servings. The advantage of this diet is that if offers rapid weight loss of up to 17 lbs per week. It also gives you quicker results because the whole program is done in 7 days. The downside of the diet is that because your meal will mostly consist of fruits and vegetables, you may be neglecting some of the food groups. Another disadvantage is the maintenance part of the diet. Some people tend to binge or crave food after 7 days making it hard for them to sustain the weight loss.

Maintaining Relationships Based on Zodiac Signs

Everyone wants their relationship to last and would do just about anything to be involved in a long lasting relationship–even busy photographers. A long term relationship needs two people who share the same interest and have the same priorities.

Some people believe in tarot reading or psychic readings. Some read on zodiac readings to learn about their fate. A lot believe that zodiac signs tell a lot about a person.

Our zodiac signs tell us more about our personalities than what we already know. Here are some qualities that are unique to each zodiac sign that will help you with your compatibility concerns.


If you want to keep your relationship with an Aries partner, you need a lot of energy and some disregard for rules. People born under this sign are very spontaneous, independent and drive. They need a partner that is flexible, quick to their feet and not clingy.


Taurus people like warm, affectionate partners with a lot of tact. They also want stability in their relationship as well as certainty. If you want to stay with your Taurus partner, show a lot of affection by hugging them. You should also not push your partner out of their comfort zone too much.


You need to be intelligent and talkative to maintain a lasting relationship with a Gemini. If you like debates, this is the partner for you. It also helps if you have a good sense of humor and are childish to please this type of partner.


If you want to stay with your Cancer partner, you need to love family and home. This is very important to a Cancer and is one of their main priorities. You also need lots of patience because they always change their moods.


A Leo needs to be respected, adored and loved. They want to be the center of your world without losing yourself at the same time. They want someone who is equal to them to be their mate.


You need to be at your best with a Virgo partner. You need to keep yourself healthy and you have to be mindful of the people that you are friends with. If you are work hard in life, you will have a good relationship.


You need to like the finer things in life to be with a Libra. Cultural trips, social life and a beautiful home will keep a Libra happy. This sign is very loving as long as their happy.


You need a very high sex drive and a thick skin to keep a Scorpio. They are very passionate lovers but they can be very unstable. You need to keep a calm mind.


You need to love the outdoors and are willing to travel all the time if you want to be with a Sagittarius. They are easy going and not very demanding buy are blunt people. You need to take criticism constructively and not be offended easily.


These are faithful and matured people. To keep them, you must work hard and be responsible to maintain a family. It also helps to have a good sense of humor.


You need to be independent and have your own set of interests to keep an Aquarius with you. These people are not very outspoken but they are sincere in love.


Pisces are very sensitive so you need to empathize, be kind and gentle. They are mostly overwhelmed by their own emotions so you need to be the stable one in the relationship.

Job Information for Nail Tech Professionals

Every part of the body needs to be perfect especially for photo shoots—even the model’s nails. Nail technicians exist to enhance the appearance of their client’s nails. There are many schools that offer nail tech courses. If you are planning to enroll, there are many options for education along with salary and employment possibilities that will open up for you.

Job Description

A nail tech’s main role is to provide nail treatments on a client’s hands and feet. They provide services such as shaping, filing, polishing, customized trims, tip and wrap application, massage, nail art and many more. Some nail techs even sell products that their client’s can use to maintain their nails after they are done with the procedures. Nail technicians work in spas or salon where nail treatments are offered. However, there are self-employed nail technicians who operate the salon or spa along with a team of staff. There are also nail techs who choose to be freelancers offering services to clients in their homes.

How to Become a Nail Tech


Nail techs need to have a certificate or a diploma earned through a local community college or vocational institute. These certifications or diplomas are usually given to students after one semester of studying. There are different types of licensing and requirements depending on where you live. As a nail tech, you need to know about basic cosmetology, safety and health procedures, pedicure, manicure and other skin treatments. You also need to know your state’s regulations, nail conditions that need a doctor’s attention and business skills. You also need to have continuous education to be informed about the latest trends in nail fashion, treatments and applications.

Job Skills

As a nail tech, you need to have an eye for detail. This profession requires you to have a strong physical stamina because you are going to spend hours sitting and hunching over all day as you do your job. Customer services as well as sales skills are very important and the overall satisfaction of the client is your main goal.

Career and Economic Outlook

In the U.S., the Labor Statistics Department declared that there will be a growth of almost 16% for nail technicians in the future. This is because of growing attention that manicure and pedicure are getting nowadays. This will provide more job opportunities for nail techs.

Other Career Options


These are people who apply their expertise in hair and makeup. They offer different services when it comes to hair like trimming, coloring, cutting and styling. They are also in charge of a client’s makeup for special occasions. This profession requires the same skills as a nail tech.

Skincare Specialist

This job is still a part of the beauty and skincare department. These professionals focus on skin maintenance and treatment. They can also suggest skin products that will work for the client’s skin type. They are licensed to perform procedures on the client’s skin for beautification purposes. However, they cannot treat any skin illnesses as those are only for dermatologists to examine.