5 Reasons Why It’s Challenging to Use a Crossbow

crossbow huntingIf you want to try another kind of “shooting” and you don’t really have any experience yet, you might want to consider getting a crossbow. These babies are so easy to hunt with when it comes to the shooting aspect. However, most people think that just by buying a crossbow, you’ll be able to hunt as soon as possible without any experience. This is not true because there are many challenging aspects of hunting and shooting that a person needs to perfect before he can hunt. Although using a crossbow will make it easier for you to shoot your target, there are many reasons why it’s even more challenging to use than a vertical bow. Here are some of the reasons.

Crossbows are very heavy

Even the lightest crossbow can weight twice as heavy as vertical bows. They are also hard to carry when you are in the field. These bows are also very wide and it makes it harder to go through a thick terrain and does not allow stealth movements. It’s also a lot harder to run while holding a crossbow.

Tuning a Crossbow

There is no way this can be done because of the lack of arrow rest to move in and out. Another part that’s missing is the nock point that enables you to adjust it up and down. There aren’t as many options in tuning crossbows compared to vertical bows. You can only shoot the way the manufacturer instructs you to. Because of this, most crossbow hunters do not mind their arrow weight too much.

They are loud

There are no quiet crossbows in the market because all of them are very loud. Some can be quieter than others but even those are also louder than vertical bows. This can cause your target to move away or even be surprised and run before you hit it.

There is no chance for a second shot

The challenge lies in cocking your bow. Even if you are strong enough to cock your bow by your hand, it will still take time and your target might have already moved. Some crossbows also require a cocking aid to get another bow loaded to it. The trick is to never miss your target and that is virtually impossible.

They are not socially accepted

As cool as they might look, they are just not socially accepted compared to vertical bows. This fact is slowly changing; it’s still not enough because although hunting with crossbows is allowed in some states, it’s still not accepted when it comes to the hunting circles that mostly use vertical bows. These people usually look down on crossbow users. There is a stigma attached to using crossbows that they are only for people who are handicapped, women or children. This is probably because the rules that apply to vertical bows are not the same with crossbows and as stated earlier, it is easier to shoot with and cannot be tuned. However, most people are opening their eyes to using crossbows to hunt.

When buying a crossbow, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want and need. Reading on reviews will help a lot and knowing the top brands like TenPoint and Barnett can help you get started.