This blog is made to be my outlet for the things that I encounter or learn about everyday. This will include my line of work; which is photography and other various topics. The topics that you will see here will not all be related to photography but it will be about a mix of topics that I hear about from friends, clients, the news and other source of information. I want people to know about topics and things that interest me so they can get to know me better.

I also want to meet and interact with my readers so feel free to say hi to me or to leave a comment. Your comments don’t really need to have anything to do with my topic or blog post. If you only want to say hello to me, I will still respond. However, if you want to discuss something about what I posted, I will also do my best to talk to you or answer your questions. Also, if you have topics that you want to include in my blog, you can tell me and I will look it up for you.

To know more about me, my name is Kenny Howse and I am a professional children’s photographer. I chose this line of work because it’s very interesting and I love children a lot. I enjoy taking their pictures and looking at their cute faces everytime I do a photo shoot. I have no children yet but I plan on having some soon.