GM Diet vs. South Beach Diet

In the U.K., people are believed to shell out billions of dollars every year on diet pills, books and programs. People who work in the photography scene will understand this, especially with models wanting to look thinner for the camera. People are obsessed with losing weight in an easier and quicker way. This is the reason why many kinds of diet programs have been developed throughout the years, one example is the South Beach diet.

In this article, we will compare the GM diet and the South Beach diet to know the difference between the two leading weight loss programs. To better understand the South Beach diet, it consists of three phases which are:

• Induction
• Reintroduction of carbohydrates
• Maintenance

Induction Phase

This phase will restrict you from eating too much carbohydrate to prevent you from the excess carbs induced hunger. In this phase, carbohydrates are divided into two groups being the good and the bad based on their glycemic value. Carbs with low glycemic value like legumes, oats and sprouts that slowly releases energy is allowed in small amounts. You will only be allowed one serving that will satisfy your hunger. You will continue this amount of serving for two weeks until you stomach gets used to it. Carbohydrates with high glycemic value like sugar, flour and sweet fruits and vegetables must be avoided. The person is also advised to abstain from alcoholic beverages and only canola oil is advised for cooking. The protein intake in this phase will only consist of meat and fish.

Carbohydrate Phase

The second phase of the South Beach diet is all about gradually reintroducing certain types of carbohydrate into the diet like corn and pasta. These can be eaten in small amounts if you wants to eat them all the time. By now, you should get used to eating smaller portions and heating healthy.


The main benefit of the South Beach diet is that it emphasizes the portion size more than counting the calories involved in a meal. It also does not neglect any of the food groups so it won’t take a toll on your nourishment. No drastic changes are applied in the diet as well and it only offers a gradual shift from your usual meals making it easy to maintain.

GM Diet

The GM diet consists of a 7 day plan where you will eat specific types of food. It generally plans your meals in the span of one week along with its special soup that you can eat in unlimited servings. The advantage of this diet is that if offers rapid weight loss of up to 17 lbs per week. It also gives you quicker results because the whole program is done in 7 days. The downside of the diet is that because your meal will mostly consist of fruits and vegetables, you may be neglecting some of the food groups. Another disadvantage is the maintenance part of the diet. Some people tend to binge or crave food after 7 days making it hard for them to sustain the weight loss.