How I was Really Impressed by a Wedding Photographer from Bergen County

wedding photoA wedding ceremony is one of the best and most sacred moments that can happen to a couple. This is why it’s also one of the most celebrated and most photographed moments of a person’s life—next to their birthdays. Being one of the most important moments in a person’s life, it takes a lot of pressure and professionalism for a photographer to capture the most important moments of a wedding, the people and of course, the bride and groom.

Having had my own fair share of photography experience and weddings, it’s easy to say that it’s not an easy task to take on. However, there was a portfolio that I found was very impressive and it was taken in a wedding that occurred in Bergen County, NJ. The photographer who captured the moments impressed me with the pictures that he produced and the techniques that he applied to make this special moment even better with his set of skills. If you don’t have any idea about wedding photography, let’s break down the things that made me fall in love with his work.

The details are amazing.

When it comes to weddings, you can expect to have an overload of details from the bride’s wedding gown, bouquet, headpiece—and many more. Even the location of the ceremony is known to be heavily flooded with very detailed interior. Because of this, it’s easy to get lost in the middle of all of these details oriented subjects and lose the real focus, the union of two persons in love. The pictures that I saw of this photographer named Albert Villamor were amazing not because he showcased the grandness of the location or its motif, he simply focused on the most important detail in the event which is the sharing of two lives under one roof. His pictures were so personal and full of emotions and that is the reason behind its beauty.

Everyone looked beautiful and photo ready.

As a photographer for big events, it’s not very easy to take a picture that’s flattering for everyone there. Most photographers will only focus on the core group or the important people for the bride and groom like close friends and immediate family members. That’s why it also impressed me that Albert’s pictures of the guests and crowd were very flattering and good to look at. All the people looked like they are genuinely having fun and are participating in the games and the exercises that were done during the wedding.

He captured honest moments of love.

In the end, the most important people to please are the ones who paid for your services—the bride and groom. The best way to showcase a couple’s wedding ceremony is by using the emotions that they show throughout the whole ceremony. Albert did a wonderful job when it comes to this because he was able to capture all the important moments of the wedding and show the true feelings of the couple.

If you’re in New Jersey, I suggest picking up the phone and contacting him. If you’re in New York however, I’ve got a highly recommended photographer named Rick Helman.