Job Information for Nail Tech Professionals

Every part of the body needs to be perfect especially for photo shoots—even the model’s nails. Nail technicians exist to enhance the appearance of their client’s nails. There are many schools that offer nail tech courses. If you are planning to enroll, there are many options for education along with salary and employment possibilities that will open up for you.

Job Description

A nail tech’s main role is to provide nail treatments on a client’s hands and feet. They provide services such as shaping, filing, polishing, customized trims, tip and wrap application, massage, nail art and many more. Some nail techs even sell products that their client’s can use to maintain their nails after they are done with the procedures. Nail technicians work in spas or salon where nail treatments are offered. However, there are self-employed nail technicians who operate the salon or spa along with a team of staff. There are also nail techs who choose to be freelancers offering services to clients in their homes.

How to Become a Nail Tech


Nail techs need to have a certificate or a diploma earned through a local community college or vocational institute. These certifications or diplomas are usually given to students after one semester of studying. There are different types of licensing and requirements depending on where you live. As a nail tech, you need to know about basic cosmetology, safety and health procedures, pedicure, manicure and other skin treatments. You also need to know your state’s regulations, nail conditions that need a doctor’s attention and business skills. You also need to have continuous education to be informed about the latest trends in nail fashion, treatments and applications.

Job Skills

As a nail tech, you need to have an eye for detail. This profession requires you to have a strong physical stamina because you are going to spend hours sitting and hunching over all day as you do your job. Customer services as well as sales skills are very important and the overall satisfaction of the client is your main goal.

Career and Economic Outlook

In the U.S., the Labor Statistics Department declared that there will be a growth of almost 16% for nail technicians in the future. This is because of growing attention that manicure and pedicure are getting nowadays. This will provide more job opportunities for nail techs.

Other Career Options


These are people who apply their expertise in hair and makeup. They offer different services when it comes to hair like trimming, coloring, cutting and styling. They are also in charge of a client’s makeup for special occasions. This profession requires the same skills as a nail tech.

Skincare Specialist

This job is still a part of the beauty and skincare department. These professionals focus on skin maintenance and treatment. They can also suggest skin products that will work for the client’s skin type. They are licensed to perform procedures on the client’s skin for beautification purposes. However, they cannot treat any skin illnesses as those are only for dermatologists to examine.