Messenger Bag Accessories and Sizes

A messenger bag is a versatile bag that any photographer can carry around very easily. It has the space to carry a lot of equipment and can be accessorized for more places to put stuff in. There are plenty of messenger bag accessories that can make it look even better while giving you the functionality that you are looking for.

The main strap of the messenger bag can be equipped with pouches that can hold your Ipod, tablets, mobile phone and other items that you need quick access to. You can also buy accessories that can hold small items like pens, flashlights and other small materials that you may need on a trip.

For additional pockets and compartment, the brand Ortlieb is the one that you need to look for. They have a variety of items like Messenger Bag Organizer, Document Compartment, Waist strap pocket and other small accessories and pouches for small things. Their items are customized to fit their messenger bags and are sure to snap into place when you decided to add them on.

Messenger bags are also great to carry around all types of your mobile gadgets. There are accessories like notebook inserts and laptop sleeves that are available in different sizes so you can securely store your laptop inside your messenger bag securely.

These accessories of course need a bag to hook on to to be useful. If you aren’t sure what type of bag you want and what size you need. Here are some useful tips.

Mini Me Bag

This is a very simple bag that is designed to hold medium to small sized notebooks or laptops. They also come with a few organization pockets to hole other items. The most basic bag that you can use is the Timbuk2 Catapult Messenger Bag.

It is a minimalist bag that provides enough room for your essentials and gadgets that you use everyday. Another small bag is the Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag—it’ so small that you can hide it in your pocket until the time you need it. However, if you need a messenger bag with all the important pockets, and detail, you can go for the Chrome Classic Bike Messenger Bag that has a roll top closure option and internal zip pockets.

Medium Messenger Bags

This size is the most popular type of messenger bags with many pockets to organize and plenty of accessories to choose from. The Chrome Vega Shoulder Sling Day Bag and the Chrome Some Shoulder Sling Laptop Pack come with a laptop pocket as well as lots of space and pockets. This Messenger comes with an excellent shoulder strap bucker to fit your trend.

Maximum Size Messenger Bags

This can store plenty of stuff and is great for people who like to bring many types of itesm with them. The Chrome Berlin Pro Bike Messenger Bag is the best there is when it comes to organization pockets and a maximum capacity of 3200 cu in. Carry anything and everything that you need in one go. Read more messenger bag reviews!